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the Hallows series

The Hallows books 1&2 by Amanda Hocking:

"This is the way the world ends - not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door."

    Nineteen-year-old Remy King is on a mission to get across the wasteland left of America, and nothing will stand in her way - not violent marauders, a spoiled rock star, or an army of flesh-eating zombies.

The sequel to Hollowland....

After six months in the quarantine, Remy finds out things are much worse than she feared. Her plans to escape come with a heavy cost, and she realizes that zombies aren't the worst of her problems.

This is a young adult novel with language, violence, and sexual situations. Not recommended for readers under the age of 17. 

About the author:

Amanda lives in Minnesota, and I write young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy mostly. The My Blood Approves series is about vampires in Minneapolis, and its available now. I also wrote the Trylle Trilogy, which is a paranormal romance without vampires, shifters, mermaids, fae, angels, dragons, ghosts, or ninjas.

My latest book is Hollowland - a zombie urban fantasy set in the dystopian near future. It's a bit more violent and gritter than my other books, but there is still romance. Mostly though, Remy kicks a lot of butt. 

 Where to find more info:

My review:

     Amanda does not mess around when writing a zombie book! The main character Remy is at a school safe house when it is attacked by zombies. She learns that her eight year old brother was evacuated to somewhere in the north. She basically loses everyone she knows and has to make a run for it. and that's just chapter one.

    Can I just say I think it is so cool that her main source of protection is a lioness she finds chained to a truck on the side of the road. If I were In the middle of a zombie apocalypse I definitely want a lioness who's willing to eat zombies by my side.

    You can tell that Amanda put alot of thought into this book. From every little detail she describes to every situation they come across. the characters are so well defined and their personalities so their own. It's easy to let your mind slip right into the story and get to know it on a personal level.

     Hollowland is a fast paced book with lots of action, Well duh zombies lol , but it also has very heartbreaking and even tender moments that make it a very well proportioned book.

    This is a great book for those of you who really love the post apocalyptic/dystopian and or zombie genres' as well as anyone else looking for a really good YA book to read. I would also like to mention that this is a free kindle read at

This was an amazing book. Remy proves over and over again that she is a fighter. No matter how close she is to breaking she keeps going. She's being tortured and experimented on for the sake of "finding a cure" when the quarantine gets over run. Once again Remy has to make a run for it but this time her lioness isn't with her and she is stuck with one of her main tormentors and a hand full of people she's is evacuated with.
I've said it before but it's worth repeating Amanda Hocking is a brilliant author! She brings her characters to life so effortlessly. I of  course was sucked into the story from chapter one and caught myself skipping meals and staying up way past my bed time reading this book.
Hallowmen gets a little more mature teen rated at times but I think it was worth it and necessary to have those scenes in the book to complement the story line (even though one of them wasn't very nice).  Like Hallowland it is a very fast paced story with lots of of action.
I think that this book had it's tender moments but it was more about holding on to your humanity and not losing yourself  in grief, sadness, anger, and guilt. Remy has to learn to come to terms with her life and not only let go but learn to be happy again.  If set the end of the world as you know it and the flesh eating zombies aside it's a very heart touching story of a girl trying to find herself and live again.
I guess to sum it up in one sentence it would be: I love, love loved this book!!!!!

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Devil's Wake

Devil's Wake
by Steven Barnes and
Tananarive Due

What happens when an unprecedented infection sweeps the world, leaving the earth on the brink of the Apocalypse? But this infection goes far beyond disease. Beyond even the nightmare images of walking dead or flesh-eating ghouls. The infected are turning into creatures unlike anything ever dreamed of . . . more complex, more mysterious, and more deadly.

Trapped in the northwestern United States as winter begins to fall, Terry and Kendra have only one choice: they and their friends must cross a thousand miles of no-man’s-land in a rickety school bus, battling ravenous hordes, human raiders, and their own fears.

In the midst of apocalypse, they find something no one could have anticipated . . . love.

About the authors

Steven Barnes (born March 1, 1952, Los Angeles, California) is an African American science fiction writer, lecturer, creative consultant, and human performance technician.

He has written several episodes of The Outer Limits and Baywatch. He has also written the episode "Brief Candle" for Stargate SG-1 and the Andromeda episode "The Sum of its Parts". Barnes's first published piece of fiction, the 1979 novelette, The Locusts, was written with Larry Niven, and was a Hugo Award nominee.

Tananarive Due is a novelist and a creative writing teacher who has worked as a journalist. She won the American Book Award in 2002 for her novel The Living Blood.

More info
Book pages:

My review
This story is about sadness, survival and hope. The world has turned in to a land full of zombies "freaks" brought about by a combination of an exotic mushroom diet and a flu shot.The combination of the two turning people it to the walking dead. 

Five juvenile delinquents set out in an old blue school bus to find a safe haven where hopefully humanity has survived. Picking up a couple more on there way brings there number to seven. When rumors of sanctuary in California are broadcast that's where they head.

This story is sad because all though I do not believe in an upcoming zombie apocalypse I do believe that in a blink of an eye the world as we know could go to shit leaving everyone to fend for themselves and fight to survive. So it's not hard to imagine what it would be like to loose everyone and everything to a world of evil. I don't know how possible it would be for me to keep my hope and faith alive knowing that nothing would ever be the same again.

This book was very well written, so much so that at time is as though it had really taken place. the story was emotionally balanced very well. This book was more about the survivors journey back to humanity and less about the gory zombies they are running from.

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*Born in Flames*

Welcome to my stop along the
Born in Flames
by Candace Knoebel
Mini Blog Tour

Red mirrored scales race up my arms as the haze of pain blurs my vision. My bones crack, breaking to realign. I scream. It is then that the realization of my unavoidable fate sinks in; I am of a dying race. I am dragon. 

Aurora Megalos, orphaned and teetering on the edge of adulthood, thought finding her past would curb the sting of being an outcast. Having no memories of the time before she awoke on her foster mother’s doorstep, she yearns for the emptiness inside her to be filled. With her fellow orphaned best friend, Fenn, by her side, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But something powerful stirred within her that she couldn’t explain. Something wanted out.

In the dark of night, a crazed Seer, dubbed Mr.Creepy, erases everything she’s ever known with an impending prophecy. She now faces two paths. Return to her true home to protect a dying race against a growing evil, or stay hidden in the safety of our realm with a shot at a true love. With a vengeful Arch Enemy stopping at nothing to see her dead, she’s running out of time; a decision must be made. What would you choose?

About the author
Candace Knoebel had dreamed of being a dancer ever since she could remember. With a love of all things art, she saw herself moving to New York and pursuing her passion as an artist. But all that changed on October 10th, 2002 when she met the love of her life. Her dreams diverged and after marrying her high school sweetheart and having two beautiful children, she realized she missed her creative side.

Growing up alongside the Harry Potter series, Candace found herself missing the epicosity of a story that pulls you in and won’t let you go. In 2009, she began dreaming up characters that would mold her first novel. Through lunch breaks and late nights, after putting her kids to bed, she built a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. She found her calling in life and knew this was more than dancing could’ve ever meant to her.

Once complete in 2010, she began the grueling process of finding a publisher. With relentless determination, she was finally able to realize her dream in December of 2011 when 48fourteen offered her a publishing contract. With a HUGE yes and a happy dance, she now continues her Trilogy.

Where to find more info

My review
Let me start by saying I am very excited to be a part of this blog tour along side all of these amazing women and their blogs. Second can I just say how gorgeous is the cover for this book right I LOVE IT!! And third I am so happy to get of the the proverbial YA beaten path with not only a fresh story line but a GREAT story line.

 I love that the story starts off by backing up. So many times you read a story and you only find out later on the what, when, why, where and hows of the story. In Born of Flames you get it from the beginning. So from very early on in the story you can concentrate on not figuring out the past but anticipating the future and the journey you know it will take to get there. 

I really like the two main characters. Aurora and Fenn compliment each other very well. I like the way they balance each other out and keep each other grounded. They are the same in alot of ways but at the same time very opposite. For instance when Aurora's hot temper starts getting the better of her it's Fenns' level levelheadedness that brings her back to herself.

I have to say that this book is a little opposite of the YA fantasy novels that I've been reading lately. Refreshingly so. Most of the time the main character finds out she's from a different world and right away has to go to said world to find out what Her purpose is, whereas in Born in Flames she has to figure out her destiny and accept it before she can get there. 

For me the story really picks up two thirds of the way through and I knew I wouldn't be putting it down again until the story was over. (of course being a trilogy it ended at just the beginning). 

This book  has a very steady flow that picks up the pace as it progresses. I had a very challenging goal of reading it in one day to make it  in time for my stop in the blog tour. When I picked my kindle up with a sigh of defeat thinking "there's just no way I'm going to get this book read in time". Then I started reading and knew that this would be a book that I wouldn't just get through in one day but I had to get through in one day because there was no way I was going to put it down for sleep. 

So I say to everyone out there who is reading this review: This is one of my favorite books of the year and a 100% MUST READ!!  

Blog Tour Schedule:

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9th: Terri's Book Addiction - Review
10th: Paranormal Reads - Review
11th: The Indie Bookshelf - Review
12th: Tam's Two Cents - Review + author interview
13th: Paranormal Book Club - Review + character interview with Aurora
14th: Tsk Tsk What To Read - Review

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Silver Mortal

ARC Review and Giveaway
Silver Mortal
book one of the Gracen Chronicles
by Jenna Kay 
There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes, where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents. Gracen Potts lives in this world. Her job is to serve and protect those who are oblivious to the monsters hiding from the light.

As a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell. With the Silver Eagle blood running through her veins she feels like nothing can take her down. That is, until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan.

Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipers?

About the author

Jenna Kay has always had a vivid imagination.  Blessed with three older brothers and two loving parents that encouraged her to follow her dreams; she decided to leave an 8 year career of being a cosmetologist to become a full time author.  Jenna felt that it was time to bring the supernatural to life.  Her novel, “Mark of the Seer” will be Jenna’s first with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.
Jenna currently resides in North Georgia where, when not writing, she spends time with her three young children and her loving husband.  Jenna’s heart is to impact the lives of young adults that are going through the hardships of this life with a hope that there is way more out there than just the pains of the world.
Where to find more info




The preface had me hooked so with Jenna's permission here it is:

   I've always been a little different, leaning toward the weird and unusual side. From
my long white hair and fair skin, to my almost clear blue eyes—weird, weird, weird. Not to
mention my anti-social status and could care less attitude. But my weirdness level shot up to
maximum proportions the day I turned thirteen. That was the day I saw a werewolf for the
first time.
   Now I say werewolf because it looked like something from the horror movies I'd
watched and the paranormal books I'd read. Black beady eyes, tall, hairy, muscular body,
sharp claws, long snout and teeth, pointy ears, resembling a large canine—you get the
picture. Though later on I learned it had not been a werewolf at all, but a demon.
Demon. Yes, that's what I said. You see, up until that day I thought I was just your
average looney, knowing and seeing nothing but what I saw in front of me. Everything had
been school, boys, headaches, bitchy girls, and tests—crappy school junk. Little did I know
that I'd been born into a family who had been touched long ago by the supernatural.
The day I'd seen the werewolf demon I'd screamed bloody murder, pointing at it in
fear. I'd almost peed my pants because of the terror that held my body hostage! Then
confusion set in when my fellow classmates hadn't freaked out with me. I mean, come on!
There was a freaking werewolf in the room. Though while I'd screamed “werewolf”, everyone
in class had stared at me with wide eyes, thinking I was the freak of nature instead of the
monstrous creature. It had dawned on me that I was the only one seeing the werewolf...and
the werewolf knew it. He'd thrown his hairy head back, making a sound in between a laugh
and a thunderous howl.
   That was my last day at that school. I'd ran home to my grandmother, who had raised
me from birth (per my mother's wishes) and told her everything. The werewolf, me
screaming, my classmates staring at me like I was insane...everything. 
   To my utmost surprise she'd remained calm, which had completely flustered me, but
looking back now I can see why she had stayed chill. She'd known that day had been a long
time coming, though she'd left me out of the loop. But I had not gotten angry with her, even
though I'd had every right to be. I mean, how could I be mad at the grandmother who'd
raised me because my mother had gone AWOL?
Anyway, Granny had gone into her room and returned with a hand held mirror.
“Tell me, Gracen,” she had whispered. “Tell me what you see.”
   I can remember like it was yesterday. I remember seeing the marks for the first time.
Silver claw marks to be more precise, that started on my temples and ran down my cheeks,
though they were very faint. Later on I learned that those marks could only be seen by others
after midnight...among other things.
That was when I learned of my supernatural heritage.
    Many centuries ago a legend was born. It spoke of a silver eagle that flew the skies in
search of the purest of hearts, looking for the right persons to change. The ones who would
take and use its otherworldly powers to fight the evil forces of the night. It scratched the
chosen humans and they became transformed. A fierce power burned through their veins,
and at the stroke of midnight, every night, the claws marks from the eagle would surface,
turning a metallic silver. Their eyes would also turn silver, making their vision strong and
more precise, for after midnight they could see in the dark as if it were daytime, and they
could see for miles as well. Their strength and agility increased to super hero level, giving
them an edge to the evil walking the earth.
    They became known as the Silver Mortals, humans marked by an unearthly force, their
mission to protect humanity against the evil that inhabits the planet.
Never heard of them? No, of course you haven't. No sane person would believe in a
silver eagle that went around empowering people with gifts so they could fight in a
supernatural war, the battle between good and evil. Angels and Demons.
    To finish the legend, the silver eagle injected its power into the ones who had been
chosen, or another term some have used, Touched. Generation after generation the bond has
gotten stronger, the blood growing more and more potent to rid the world of the evil that is
invisible to Untouched humans...well, most humans, that is.
I say most humans, because I am human...and I'm also a Silver Mortal. I know how to
hunt, fight, and kill demons, no matter what shape, form, or monster it portrays. I'm only
sixteen but my name is getting out there, causing an uproar amongst a group of humans who
have been touched by a more sinister entity.
    Just as a silver eagle came to earth to transform the purest of hearts, a fallen angel
known as Botis was sent to earth, crawling out of the depths of Hell, to mark the humans with
the blackest of hearts. These humans would use their powers to aid in the destruction of
mankind. Hellbent on causing pain, finding enjoyment in watching others tormented and
    Botis, in the form of a huge black viper, would bite and inject the sinful man or woman
with his diabolical venom, turning them into a Night Viper.
The Night Vipers are evil spirited humans, and they will stop at nothing to destroy my
kind. They are humans teamed up with demons to create chaos and devastation in their
wake. Like the Silver Mortals, they are spread all over the world, and they too bare their own
signature mark—a coiled black viper that takes up one side of their face.
When my gift emerged I had to say goodbye to Granny and the cozy cottage we shared
deep in the North Carolina mountains. I had to go live with someone who knew what I was
going through, the person who had abandoned me when I was a baby—my mother, who is
also a Silver Mortal, just like her father had been, and like every generation before us.
We live in a city full of both good and evil—New York City.
Now if you were to see me walking down the street, you'd see a normal looking sixteen
year old girl with horrible white hair and skin deathly pale. But people with supernatural
eyes can see me for what I truly am...
A warrior.
    As for the silver eagle who injected my ancestors centuries before, no one has seen,
heard, or even knows where it came from. We only know that we have a job to do, and that
we are counted on.
My name is Gracen Potts. Welcome to my world. 

My review
I received this this book as an ARC for review. The release date for Silver Mortal is September 21st, 2012.
 I am so glad I didn't have to wait to get my hands on it.

Alot of YA books out there with sixteen years old characters just don't sound sixteen. I really feel like it's a teenager telling the story. Even at only 4% into the book I felt like I was much farther in which is amazing. I felt like I knew Gracen already. From the very beginning you know she's going to be a very strong character. From her thought process to her sassy mouth to her moral compass.

I really feel for Gracen being sixteen and not able to live in a teenage world must be so hard to deal with.
I love phoenix brought up in a horrible place and tormented every day of his life. But though everything he still has the kindest of souls. 

brought together under the most desperate of circumstances Gracen and Phoenix are brought together soul mates as star crossed lovers in a way, mortal enemies in love. And everything Gracen was brought up to feel tells her that it's wrong, that he is the enemy. I really like how their relationship unfolds neither of them ever having a real relationship before. 

Wonderfully written this book had very strong characters and the flow of the story was perfect. I enjoyed every moment I was reading this book and have to say that It is very much a must read. Five stars to Silver Mortal and an A+ to Jenna for an amazing book!

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