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L.D. Hutchinson author adoption

Shadows of The Heart

(Shadows in the Dark Books 1-4) By L.D.Hutchinson


 After being thrown into a life she never knew existed, Angie is faced with more problem's than she wants to handle at once.

One of the major ones? Dealing with the arrogant Phoenix. He knows just how to push her buttons, and being stuck in a little house with him for months is hell on her. Especially when he's also her training partner.

Mastering her Witch side just so she can become a Vampyre is starting to wear on her, but things are about to get worse.

Something is after her, and they will not be stopped. Even going as far as kidnapping the people she loves to get to her, and if that isn't bad enough it's her fault too.

And what are these voice's she keeps hearing? Is she going crazy? Do all witch's have this problem or is it just her?

Will she be able to make it through this, or will she fall apart? There are so many things to get done, and not much time left to do it.

About the Aouthor 

L.D. Hutchinson was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. She's been writing since she was able to hold a pencil and drawing since about the same time. Her love for reading came when she was about eight and she read her first book, Hawksong a book that helped influence many of the short stories she's written. 

L.D. now works for Midnight Hour Publishing, releasing her first book April 13th 2012 and many more after that. 

Where to find more info

My review

As you can see up above this book is a collection of four novellas. Alone they are all great little reads but together they create one amazing novel.

 The story was very easy to get into and the flow was very nice before I new it I was done with the first part and into the second. And the flow from one to the next was very smooth and seamless. I had a feel for all of the characters and their personalities right away. And knew I'd enjoy this book from early on.

  Book one:In one night Angie finds out that not only are all of her friends vampyres but that she is a witch to be trained and turned into a highbrid witch/vamp with none of the blood lust. Finding all of this out was a shock but worst of all she has to be basically locked away with Phoenix, her protector, mentor, trainer, and a huge jerk. 

Book two: When one of her friends gets taken she finds herself on the run. She finds herself surrounded by an unlikely band of allies. Three vamps, two Lycons, and herself (a witch).  Much to her own surprise she is starting to realize that Phoenix isn't quite the ass she thought he was. When she feels a pull to return to her child hood home she adds to her group her child hood best friend Blaine who just happens to be a demon.

With them being on the run and constantly attacked book two is very fast paced. At this point I am loving where this story is headed. So much so that I have only put the story down in between books to come here and jot my feelings. With that said I'm on to book three.

Book three: (This is where I start getting a little vague and general in my review so that I don't give away too much in spoilers.

Let me just say WOW action from beginning to end! Awesomely written and some unexpected twists that took me completely by surprise. I found myself so into the story I had to slow my reading down for fear I'd miss something. I couldn't help myself from getting so sucked in my heart picked up with the action in the main scenes. Kudos to Mrs. Hutchinson. Now off to read Book four *biting my nails with anticipation* lol

Book four: Angie learns who her friends are and who her betrayers are. She learns how to control her powers. And she prepares for war.

This book was great and I really enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for good book for an afternoon of reading. I would however like to point out there is some language that might not be suitable for the younger readers.

over all I'd give this book five stars and an A+ for originality and over story.

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