Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Little Death

A Little Death
By Susan Sizemore
Angels and werewolves and demons, oh my! A collection of five paranormal romance stories from NYT bestselling author Susan Sizemore.

Escape into romantic fantasy in this collection of five tales of paranormal lovers. Meet and angel of death who finds the man of her dreams in "A Little Death". A wizard saves a lady in distress from her demon-haunted house in "Every Little Thing She Does". A defective unicorn brings a king and a lady of negotiable affection together in "New Yorke Snow". "The Weaver and the Werewolf" must overcome their tumultuous past to save the land they love. And a surgeon is pulled from our world to find true love in "Butterfly Dreaming"

About the Author
Susan Sizemore's life and interests include such varied activities as medieval costuming and embroidery, being a chef, and working in the defense industry.She is owned by her spoiled rotten, beloved mutt dog, rather than the other way around, and this is just fine with her.Current hobbies include hiking and studying t'ai chi. She travels whenever she can, loves history, loud music, movies, good coffee, and writes constantly.She hopes readers enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.She has won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award and has been nominated for two Romantic Times awards.

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My Review
Normally I don't like short stories. Every time I just start getting into the story bang "the end" and I just feel like I'm cheated. But when it comes to and amazing author like Susan well I just want to soak up anything she has to give me. 

A Little Death is five short paranormal stories about falling in love. Each story is completely different  from the others and all of them were great in their own way. I am not going to go into any detail about the stories because they are short and to give anything away would be to give it all away. So instead I am just going to to tell you the order in which I liked them starting with my favorite and so on. 

Keep in mind that I felt that they were all amazing stories and would love to read more about each and every one of them in full length novels.

1.-Every Little Thing She Does. This story was very sassy and humorous.

2.-A Little Death. This story was very touching and sweet.

3.-Butterfly Dreaming. This story makes you pause and think.

4.- New Yorke Show. this story is witty with a side of happily ever after

5.-The Weaver and the Werewolf. This story is a tale of long lost love and forgiveness.

A Little Death is a definite must read for any one who has a love for paranormal romance. 

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